Embracing Nature: The Pathway to Happiness

As technology accelerates our pace of life, there is an inherent need for us to slow down and align with nature’s rhythm. As humans, we have an innate need to move in harmony with nature. Increasingly, people are gravitating towards natural lifestyles to lead more fulfilling lives. This philosophy is increasingly influencing the design of our living and working spaces. Developing Biophilic spaces is gaining rapid traction. 

Biophilia, meaning a love of life, refers to the inherent affinity humans have for other life forms. This concept goes beyond mere appreciation of natural beauty. It asserts that our well being is intrinsically linked to our connection with nature. Humans have an innate desire to bond with the natural world as we are intrinsically a part of it. 

As Stephen Harper aptly stated “Our relationship with nature is more one of being than having. We are nature, we do not have nature.”

This perspective has led many designers to incorporate elements of nature into our spaces. Over the past decade, attributes of Biophilia have been identified and integrated into design strategies to enhance our connection to nature and improve our well-being. 

Here are a few simple steps to achieve this: 

Bring the Garden Indoors – Adding plants to indoor spaces purifies the air and fosters a sense of comfort and relaxation. Numerous studies have shown that having plants around provides both physical and emotional health benefits. 


Maximize Natural Light – Natural light boosts the production of Oxytocin, the “feel-good hormone”. To maximize natural light, consider using blinds instead of curtains, decluttering window sills or even installing a skylight. Incorporating layered lighting with lamps and reflective surfaces like mirrors and glass tables can enhance the natural light in a room.


Nature-Inspired Interiors – Soft furnishings with floral prints, plant motifs and nature inspired artwork can help create a biophilic environment. Earthy tones and natural patterns evoke a sense of closeness to nature and are a subtle way to create more natural spaces.


Add water features – Introducing a water feature such as a fountain or an aquarium can have a calming effect. The sound of flowing water can significantly enhance the tranquility of a space.


Use of Natural Materials – Materials like stone, bamboo and wood can add a natural feel to a space. These materials are timeless, add texture and warmth, and enhance the aesthetic of a space. Granite, Marble and Concrete can also be used to create natural vibes and visible textures. 


By integrating these elements into our living and working environments, we can foster a deeper connection with nature, ultimately enhancing our happiness and well-being. 

At BluCap Interiors, we have been working with clients to incorporate the philosophy of Biophilia in their living and working spaces. 

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