Renovations are always about creating that long desired beautiful home or office of your dreams! While renovations have different meaning to different people, it is always about making your living or working space more beautiful and functional. Our needs keep changing over the period of our lives. The design and fuctionality of the house we built 5 years ago may not be the same required today. Our needs constantly change and evolve. So renovations become important to suit our life styles better. When it comes to renovations, be it your home or office, Blucap Interiors is the right company that you can trust to make your dream come true. 

At Blucap Interiors, we never give you a number of designs and ask you to choose from. For us, design has to start from the one who will be using the space. For us, design is always client centric. We will sit with you to understand your lifestyle. We will chat with you to discuss your likes and dislikes. We will explore your requirements with you. We will also explore your evolving needs. Only then we get to design your space. Because we believe that the house or office space we design must talk about the one who lives there. It must echo and breathe the personality and character of its owner. That is why Blucap designs are different. There will be not a single design that will be alike. Because we all are different and yet, beautiful and elegant. We bring your lives more alive in spaces we design for you. We bring in the energy that will help you achieve all that you ever want in your life. 

Here are the technical steps that we follow for renovations. 


  1. STEP 1 – Firstly, have an inspector check the existing systems and structures. It’s easier to repair electrical work and plumbing, before doing anything aesthetically. If you are looking for home inspection
  2. STEP 2 - What’s your budget? When determining budget, there’s so much to consider: wood work, paint, flooring, cabinets, countertops, and much more.
  3. STEP 3 - Decide on the design and style of your home. If you are renovating your whole house, you’ll probably want each room to match in style and design – at least in the main gathering spaces like the kitchen, living room or the bedrooms.
  4. STEP 4- Create a timeline and stick to it.

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