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Coastal Style for a Beach-Inspired Home

Inspired by the ocean, coastal style pairs traditional fabrics with beachy accessories that make you immediately think beach or beach house. The look is sophisticated and crisp, with a perfectly distinct palette of neutrals, whites, and blues. Fresh flowers and botanical prints bring in hints of color. Accessories include shells, pieces of coral, coastal art all carefully curated to evoke an unfussy, sophisticated feel. Light and breezy, coastal style furniture features easy-going pieces that evoke cozy cottages. Organic, natural, clean lines and heavy (biophilic elements) distressing with muted grain-baring finishes bring to mind long walks on the beach and nightly bonfires. Furniture blends warm cottage love with modern sophistication to create the laid-back casual feel that is a hallmark of coastal style. Whatever shore style you like – nautical, tropical, or coastal – you can find the perfect piece to complement your decor at a Bear’s Furniture showroom near you. Whether you want one piece or an entire home redesign, one of our in-house designers at Blucap Interiors can help you find tropical-style furniture that will achieve the look you want.

Elements of Coastal Decorating Style
Like any interior design style, the coastal style is distinguished by a few stand-out elements. But which coastal style are you talking about?

Elements of Coastal Decorating Style

  • First, there’s the Mediterranean style. Characterized by vivid colors, plenty of terra cotta pottery, and the liberal use of wood accents, this style calls to mind the timeless, sun-drenched beaches of Greece.
  • Try the American coastal style instead. Elements of this style, which is also referred to as “Cottage Coastal,” include nautical decor like seashells and netting, airy materials like wicker and rattan, and soft, pastel hues like sky blue or lilac.
  • Last but not least, travel to the tropics with Tropical Coastal decor. Common features of this design style include fun, festive patterns, vibrant hues like yellow and lime, and tiki-themed decor.

Other Distinguishing Elements of Coastal Interior Design
Here a few other major elements of beach-inspired interior design to consider incorporating into your home:

Elements of Coastal Interior Design 3

  • Furniture or decorations featuring trellis patterns
  • Ocean-inspired decorations, like coral, driftwood, or sand dollars
  • Translucent, gossamer drapes that let in plenty of air and light
  • Wall art featuring seascapes and ocean views
  • Waterproof flooring that can stand up to moisture, gritty sand, and seawater

Types of Coastal House Décor
Coastal interior design is not boxed in, which means it can pair with other design styles to reflect your taste. By adding a few décor elements from another style, you can create a unique yet cohesive look. Here are the top variations of the modern coastal interior design:

French Coastal Design
French coastal design is perfect for those who admire ornate antiques, have a passion for an artistic aesthetic but also want their home to have the relaxing atmosphere of a seaside getaway. These interiors balance comfort and chic effortlessly. You can update your coastal interior design by adding a detailed chandelier or a delicate table with curved legs similar to the French baroque style. There is no right or wrong, that’s why experimentation is vital. Play with unique finds and incorporate these into your home to see whether the result is pleasing or not. French furniture is often dark, but you can choose unfinished wood or you can sand down the legs of a coffee table to make the piece more casual.
French Coastal Design

New England Coastal Design
A New England coastal home resembles a British seaside cottage. To get the look, you can add a plush sofa, with a focus on comfort, and whitewashed wood cladding. The artwork is minimal, but the pieces that are there are more traditional landscape or seaside based.

New England Coastal Design

Italian Coastal Interior Design
The Italian twist to coastal interior design comes in the form of architectural opulence. Arched windows and cornice detail in the ceiling set this Mediterranean version apart from the others. Make your coastal look pop by making a statement feature of your windows. Carved elements like sculptures and terracotta tones, either in tiles, fabrics or ceramics will give the perfect amount of European opulence to a casual interior.


Scandinavian Coastal Design
Scandi coastal is cool, calm and collected without being too cold. These interiors feel a bit cozier than any other, but they have the signature light wood in excess. The light woods in Scandinavian coastal design resemble driftwood in color and texture, which give this variant a truly exceptional look and feel. Try the Scandinavian take on coastal interior design by sticking to a muted color scheme with large coastal elements.

Scandinavian Coastal Design
French country Decor never goes out of style. Read this article to know more - French country design's rustic elegance at its finest

Modern Coastal Design
Modern coastal style is distinguished with clean lines, natural materials, and textures. It suggests going bold at the same time sticking to simple lines and basic finishes. Light is essential in the modern coastal design.The atmosphere should be bright and airy, like in an art gallery. Modern coastal gives a more contemporary feel to the already known design elements in this style. It creates an eclectic design that brings sophistication to the overall look.
Modern Coastal Design

Styles that mix well with it
The Coastal design house is basically just a cabin or other country home but on the waterfront instead of the forest. These homes mix well with a variety of similar styles, including:


  • Rustic design elements like exposed rock and wood walls would look great in a beach home, as long as the colors mesh.
  • The open floor plan of a bungalow or the one-room design of a cabin makes for great interior flow to a beach house. This lets everyone talk and mingles without feeling cut off from the rest of the party or family.
  • The cozy interior of a farmhouse, especially the wooden sliding or saloon-style doors makes the beach house cute but not tacky. The biggest draw of the beach house is how it looks and sounds like it’s cold and Spartan but it feels warm and inviting