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The modern bathroom in an Indian home today

For most urban Indians, the size of the bath space in a modern Indian home is something they have to make their peace with. While builders may offer affordable homes these days with well-sized master bedrooms, and maybe even a small balcony with the living room, often, this leads to space being sacrificed in the the bathroom.
Sometimes, you’re lucky if the bathroom comes with a window, as well, allowing for natural light and ventilation to add an element of openness. That, paired with the fact that in most homes this is a space used by more than one person (or sometimes an entire family) doesn’t make things less challenging.
With the average size of a bathroom in a city being approximately 6 feet x 7 feet, fitting in all the necessary amenities in all small bathroom designs can make for a tight squeeze. While this may be a daunting task, the first encouraging inspiration for bathroom designs for small spaces is bathrooms in five-star luxury hotels. These spaces, similarly compact in size, accommodate all the trappings required for a luxury bath—sometimes even a bathtub! The key element to notice here is clever and multiple space utilisation.

How to maximise space in a small bathroom

The simplest tricks can add space or create the illusion of openness even in the tiniest of small bathroom designs.

1. The right paint colour can make a room look spacious
To create a sense of openness, make the tiniest of bathrooms look bright and airy with a light colour of paint on the walls. This rule holds true for your tiles, too. The cleverest small bathroom designs work with paint in shades of white or soft creamy pastel tones. Deeper, darker colours, on the other hand, will leave the space looking even smaller and more cramped.
paint colour1

2. Every inch of space count for storage…even on the walls

While it’s a no brainer to optimally utilise the space on the countertop and area under the sink for storage, the most underrated storage space in all small bathroom designs are the walls. The barren area across the breadths of the walls is perfect for adding cabinetry or open shelving for storing your bath linens and products, along with your sink fittings such as taps and knobs to save space on the countertop.

3. Put corners to good use

Often overlooked, a lot of area gets wasted between wall corners when thinking of bathroom designs for small spaces. With this in mind, several furniture and storage solutions are designed these days to fit into oddly shaped corners for space maximisation—from freestanding shelves and racks to floating drawers.

4. Mirrors can create the illusion of space

While used for the purpose of vanity, a strategically placed or large-sized mirror can trick the eye into believing a small bathroom interior is bigger than it is. Instead of restricting the size of the mirror to the sink, if there’s wall space for it, extend the glass all the way across the wall to add depth to the room.

5. The most underrated material—glass

Swapping the use of opaque or solid materials in your small bathroom designs with clear or translucent glass will add more openness. Fittings such as a glass sink or clear glass shower area separators will leave your small-space bathroom looking less cramped.
translucent glass1

6. Minimalism is key

While your personal style may speak otherwise, all well-planned small bathroom designs centre around less clutter and restricting what you store in the space to the bare minimum necessities. A small bathroom interior is restricting, and the lesser you fit in this space, the more room you create around it.

7. Freestanding furniture will give you more flexibility with space

A rack for your bath linens or a stand for your shower and beauty supplies that isn’t permanently fitted into your bathroom, will give you the flexibility to use it when required and move it out of your small bathroom interior when the need arrives to create more room.
rack for your bath1

8. Invest in made-to-measure fittings and fixtures

Don’t be dissuaded into believing you have to succumb to living with a cramped small bathroom design. If you have the budget for it, invest in customising your bath furniture and fixtures to the space and nooks provided in the existing space. Think of it as a game of real-life Tetris, fitting all the parts you require for a neat finish.
Open Shelving 1

9. Install Dimmers

Lighting can create the ambience you want and transform your bathroom into a magical space that’s the stuff that dreams are made of! A string of fairy lights and diffused lighting using dimmer switches will help to turn down the brightness and create a spa feel. For more flattering mirror lights, replace white light fittings with warm yellow LEDs. And of course, light up those scented candles for the ultimate spa experience.

10. Create Open Shelving

Now that you have stocked up on lovely bath essentials and towels, you should be able to display them to advantage in your bathroom. Use clear glass bottles to display bath salts, add a wicker basket on the counter for hand towels and lotions, and display a tray with white pebbles next to your essential oil diffuser. Open shelves in a convenient corner can be used to display extra towels. Make sure you de-clutter first and throw away all the old expired bottles you will no longer be using.

open shelves1

A small bathroom does not mean that you have to compromise with your interior look. We have got the best small master bath designs that can make a small bath look beautiful.

Bathroom design images will help you to achieve some of the best interior designs made by the best interior decorator expert in this domain.
If you are planning for your home bathroom renovation then you are in the right place.Some of the simple bathroom designs can be better than complicated and fancy bath interiors. Bathroom ceiling designs are also to be taken care of making the bathroom ceiling stylish.