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Bedrooms are one of the most important spaces in your home, as they are essential for your peace of mind, solace and happiness. Well designed bedrooms ensure you are well rested and rejuvenated for a healthy life. With many people opting for compact houses, especially for nuclear families, it is essential that you design your cozy bedrooms into beautiful places that reflect style, comfort and elegance. You can pack plenty of style into that compact space and make it appear as opulent as any other space that is blessed with ample square feet.
Reflective surfaces

Add colours
While trying out every trick to make your cramped quarter appear big on style, the best way to begin is considering the addition of colours. The pop of colour can be on your wall, bed, curtain, cushion, rug or on any piece of furniture. And don’t always stick to the neutral colour palette; especially on your walls – don’t handle them always with that basic cream, grey and white; play around with colours and incorporate some bold hues in chunks. The explosion of colours in your bedroom can also make your long-stretched job of getting out of the bed easier and energise you to approach the day with a perky attitude. So, be more daring with your colour choices and get the shades splashing!
Add colours

Multi-functional furniture
Small spaces need smart solutions. Isn’t it? This heralded the birth of multifunctional furniture which can do more than just one duty and fulfil several functions at the same time. When your bedroom is pressed for space, the use of such versatile multifunctional furniture pieces can help achieve maximum flexibility within your four walls and bring all difference in your compact space. For example, you can pick furniture that has built-in storage – such as beds with side drawers or beds with storage space under the mattress
multi functional bed

Play with Contrasts
Playing with contrasts is always a safe bet when it comes to spicing up the look of your small bedroom. Contrast is the secret ingredient that can add a huge dose of visual interest to your cramped space by bringing together the opposites. In home décor, the word “contrast” does not always refer to a mix of colours; you can create contrast in almost everything right from textures, proportions and shapes to styles, patterns and designs – the possibilities are endless. Putting two contrasting elements together in close proximity to each other stirs visual interest, and creates a natural eye-catcher for the beholder by creating a focal point in the room.

Minimalist Decor

Gravitating towards minimalist decor can do wonders for your small bedroom. Before kicking things off, how do you decode the word “minimalist decor”? Does it mean eliminating the furnishings and features that weigh heavy for your eyes? No. It works on the rule “Bring in the essentials and throw away the unused”. Look around and ask yourself: What items are essential? Do they really find a place to sit inside your room? Does their existence serve you a purpose? If not, they need to be cleared out. Yes, if you truly want to embrace the minimalist decor, abide by the “less is more” rule.

Create Vertical Storage
Think about the empty wall above your bed’s headboard, unused stretch next to your window, right-angled expanse in the empty corners and nooks and several other spots that are going unutilised. When properly used, all these spots take up zero square feet and still add dozens of extra square feet to your existing storage space, thus helping you to unleash your bedroom’s true storage potential. Make use of these empty vertical spaces and put them to work by installing wall mounted floating shelves.
Vertical Storage

Introduce reflective surfaces
Reflective surfaces are perfect when you want to make your small bedroom feel open, bright and spacious. They have the potential to thread and diffuse more light in your room by amplifying the natural light which gets in through your windows and doors. More often than not, mirrors are the highly sought after décor item (with a reflective surface) in the world of home décor as they can make the room appear larger than it really is, by the means of reflection.
Reflective surfaces 1
By placing and positioning these reflective surfaces appropriately, you can direct the natural light from the window to enter your space, get it to fall on the décor pieces for creating an artificial glow which, in turn, can brighten and highlight the décor piece and make for an eye-pleasing focal point inside your bedroom. The light bouncing back from the reflective surfaces also has the potential to brighten up the colours on other elements within the room like bed, cushions, furniture, rugs, etc. and enhance their beauty to a greater extent.
Reflective surfaces 2

Decorate with Patterns
Incorporating patterns into the decorating scheme can transform your boring bedroom into a breath-taking chamber. Patterns come in all shapes, sizes and styles and can be mixed and layered beautifully by considering the aesthetics of the room. They can be included on your walls, pillows, cushions, curtains, rugs, etc. with a slight variation in colour and shape. While using various patterns inside your room it’s important to note that they do not have to match each other and can be combined with different styles and scales; and that’s the reason they say the rooms having a mix are the best looking ones. Each pattern can be distinct with a similar feel such that it creates a sense of cohesion in your room without disturbing the other complements.

Create the illusion of space
There are several easy ways to make your small bedroom look spacious by creating the illusion of a bigger space. Wondering how? It’s simple. Make sure – Your curtains are lengthy and they hang close to the ceiling to give your room a taller look; pull your furniture pieces away from the walls; invest in glass décor; add furniture pieces that have their arms and legs exposed; bring in more mirrors; take advantage of natural light; use striped rugs and orient the stripes to the longest wall of the room for creating an elongated look; clear out the clutters and go for hidden storages; organise the items on your open shelves based on their colours.
Create the illusion of space

Get nature inside
The easiest way to bring nature indoors is to put a few plants around your room. Live potted plants are always well and good. But in a place where you don’t have a lot of room, the option for potted plants doesn’t exist. However, you can consider a vertical garden (on the walls), plant frames, and also start hanging plants using rails and hooks.
Get nature inside

Clear out the clutter
Keep it to the essentials; sort and organise things by category; if it is of no use, bin it; if it is still usable, donate it. And this doesn’t end here; you need to repeat this process consistently every few weeks with a fresh set of eyes to keep your room continually far away from the face of the clutter.

Light fixtures on the table and floor are definitely going to occupy a bit of space which you are already falling short of. A perfect alternative for them is hanging lamps or pendant lights. You can suspend them from the ceiling using a chain, wire, or pole in a way they don’t hinder your movement around the room. They are functional and stylish at the same time and can be hung anywhere within your room – above the side table, in the artful nook or over specific task area. Being available in mesmeric variants with plenty of colours, designs, and materials, these lights can truly uplift the ambience of your small bedroom by incorporating and blending plenty of styles.
lighting Indian

Improve your headboard
A headboard can be seen as – an element that separates the edge of the bed from the wall or protective shield that keeps your pillows from falling off the bed during the sleep or simply as a space filler. Whatever the purpose it serves, it is meant to look stylish and aesthetically pleasing to add both luxury and cosy feel to your bedroom. Enormous are headboard decorating ideas; an excellent shape, a gorgeous material or any unique detail can instantly brighten up your headboard and make it feel pretty. You can even go for pattern play by featuring broad stripes, bold zigzag or bright abstract, with or without a break in the patterns to make it wow-worthy.

Opt for wardrobes with sliding doors
Sliding wardrobes are the ultimate choice for spaces that are cramped. And that’s perfectly reasonable as the doors of these wardrobes do not need to open out into the room, providing much needed additional space for utilization and free movement. Besides being space-efficient, the sliding door wardrobes are also young and modern in style, thus enabling your small space to feel smart and trendy with a contemporary look.
wardrobes with sliding doors

Add a stylish rug
Rugs have the magical power to anchor a room and add softness and cosiness wherever they are thrown. Your small bedroom is no exception; it can inject style into your otherwise bland room. If you are planning to shake up your rug game, there are a few things to consider.
rug indian

Downsize your bed
Making the switch from a king or queen-sized one to a curtailed one will get you those extra inches that you have been looking for in your tiny room. Sacrificing your deluxe bed can be disheartening – because it is the one happy place that you love to retire to at the end of your long tiring day.
Downsize your bed

Get Creative with the Ceiling
Ceiling decoration is a great opportunity to add some interest, style and visual square footage to your compact room. But unfortunately, most of the time the Indian ceilings are painted white and kept plain. This is a missed opportunity.
There are a few tried and true decorating tricks that you can rely on – Do a simple paint job of adding the main colour of your bedroom on your ceiling to spruce it up; decorate with wallpaper and decals for a custom look; add decorative moulding to make it more interesting; accentuate tall windows with lengthy curtains to make the room feel taller.

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