Ideas for Salon Interior Designs

Interior spaces arrangement is fundamental when planning a hair salon and will require that certain regulations and standards are met, especially regarding plant installation systems (hydraulic and electrical). In fact, a correct planning should guarantee customer’s comfort and wellness as well as facilitating work activities.
A hair salon can be divided into 3 main areas:
1. entrance – reception / cash desk /waiting area
2. work area – hair wash /hair cut-styling
3. services – wc / salone storage

Space should be organized in order to accommodate the reception area, the cash desk and the waiting room. The cash desk area should also be conceived and organized for displaying and selling hair products with proper shelves. this is usually accomplished by placing a shelf dedicated to displaying the products behind it. Waiting room is a very important space that creates the image of the whole hair salon .

Work area

Hair wash

When designing this area, it is necessary to take into consideration at least 2 specific pieces of furniture known as “backwashing” and, in case, a platform or a raised part, which facilitates staff work. Furnishings should be completed with shelving for storing various products, such as shampoos, lotions, tools and towels. Lighting is also very important to facilitate the work of the staff: an ideal solution is a spotlight system.

hair wash

Cut/hair styling station

This area is the core of the salon, where the hairdresser shows off his skills and the client checks the results in the mirror. That is why when designing this area, special attention should be paid to the electrical installation system. Direct lighting should be avoided and you should rather opt for a diffused lighting, which does not create unpleasant shadows. This area should be provided with at least 3/4 styling chairs and as many mirrors and furniture:

  • wall -mounted furniture (recommended for smaller environments)
  • island units (for very large environments and more refined and sophisticated customers).

This area can also be used for complementary activities such as beauticians, cosmetologists, manicurists, etc
Cut hair styling station


It is an area that must be compulsory provided in a public place. Sizes depend on the number of people who can be present at the same time in the salon and by national regulatory requirements. It should be accessible from the inside and a washing facility should also be provided.

Ancillary rooms

The ancillary rooms are environments used to store work tools and equipment, treatment products, cleaning tools, etc. This is sized also according to working needs and in respect of the various national and local requirements.
Ancillary rooms

Hair salon furniture

Furniture plays a key role and it is the element that better represents the character and style of the owner/hairdresser. In addition, it is determined by addressing a specific target customer and to guarantee well-being and comfort.

  • Furnishing elements should be divided according to the functional areas.
  • Waiting room: waiting chair, waiting couch and coffee table
  • Customers who are waiting their turn, should be “treated” with special care. This means that furniture must be designed not only to match the style of the whole place but also that seats must guarantee a sense of comfort. Also, you should find space for a small coffee table for drinks and magazines.

Cash desk/reception: counter and display shelf
The cash desk area is to be considered not only an area for payment, but also for reception. Furnishings should therefore be chosen in order to make a good impact on the customer and at the same time encourage purchasing. That is why it is useful to provide also a counter or wall-mounted display shelves and the proper accent lighting to dra the customer’s attention to the salon display.

Washing points and shelves

It is an extremely functional area, for this reason, it should be extremely organized and it is necessary to install hair washing furniture and shelves for treatment products and towels to allow smooth activities and flows. Work area (styling station area): wall-mounted or island furniture, mirror and seats
Washing points and shelves

Another functional area that represents the identity of the place and enhances its aesthetics. The wall-mounted or island furniture should be arranged to help staff working without obstacles. Lighting can enhance every single step of a customer journey (especially in presence of mirrors) and daily tasks.

1. The salon is also divided into 2 main areas, providing separate services to female and male customers. Each section is divided into 2 other areas: one for washing and one for cutting / styling.
2. A raised platform has been mounted in the shampoo area for the staff to better perform their tasks. Furthermore, 2 partition walls have been arranged orthogonally together with a product dispensary.
3. The area for cutting / styling has been set up with 3 workstations.
In creating a beauty salon, interior design should be your priority. Salon designs are crucial in presenting generous beauty businesses. After all, you are marketing style and beauty when you set up a beauty salon.

The salon design is the staple of your creativity that presents how you interpret beauty. Likewise, beauty salon designs serve as your expression of the art.The field of beauty and hairdressing revolves around appearance. In other terms, the quality of your beauty salon relates to its surface look. With the social platforms, maintaining a well-decorated beauty salon also pays off.
Salon designs help in defining one’s brand and services. Aside from establishing your salon’s brand, great salon designs also attract more clients. More customers visit your salon whenever they see outstanding interior designs in advertisements.

Steps in Creating Your Salon Design

Salon designing can be challenging, especially when you have no idea where to start. Not all salon owners have a background in designing. Moreover, finding resources to use can put you in a challenging situation. Well, for beginners, it is necessary first to be familiar with the basics of designing. Owners of businesses should be clear of their goals and priorities. You can also seek the help of a professional interior designer to ensure your project. A well-thought design should cater to both the owner and the customers’ needs. The best plan should be attractive, comfortable, and practical. Several guiding principles are available to help you in creating your salon design.
The key to achieving the best design is maintaining harmony. There should be balance and coordination on all the elements present in the salon. A good interior design aims to coordinate the details current in the beauty salon. Here are the different guiding principles to help you in creating your salon design.

Start by Choosing a Theme

You can start creating your design by choosing a theme for your salon. The theme will be the basis of the furniture and the overall design of your salon. When selecting articles, it is essential to keep in mind your target clients. The theme should be according to the taste and preference of most of your clients. The decorations, color, and music should also align together. For example, bright ecstatic colors go with music that is hype and lively. Coordination will help you establish the atmosphere you want to achieve more quickly. Here are the famous salon themes you can use.

Simplicity is Beauty

Some beauty salons prefer a simple edgy style. A simple minimalist theme can give a clean impression. The key to a simple technique is maximizing the use of geometric shapes. Good architecture prevents overwhelming furniture in the salon by promoting simplicity.

Try Country-Style

If you want your salon to give a warm atmosphere, then a country-style theme is perfect for you! The key to designing a country-style theme salon is to use natural elements as much as possible. You can use wood furniture, flowers, and handcrafted fabrics to give a homey feel.

Take it Back to Retro

You can also use a retro theme if you want to be more creative. Accentuate your beauty salon with old pieces of vinyl, records, and images of the past.Some beauty salons include pictures of famous glamour icons to add a vintage feel. Using fancy chandeliers and subtle feminine elements can contribute to the classy look.
Back to Retro

Fit for Royalty

Make your beauty salon fit for royalty! Clients enjoy pampering, and they will enjoy with indulgence your royalty-themed salon. Royalty themes project high quality and exclusivity.You can design your salon by using velvet curtains and fabrics with gold and silver accents. Using glitter and crystals to add sparkle to your salon is also a good idea.

Upgrade Your Waiting Area

It is vital to upgrade your waiting area, which is also known as the reception area. This zone is the first section of every beauty salon, so it is essential to leave a good impression. Ensure that there are no clutters lying around. You can maximize the reception desk by putting hidden drawers for better storage. Floor leveling helps in defining various areas as well. Use the right colors that would maximize space. Positioning your reception desk and leading retail separately can increase sales. Customers are more likely to browse through products that have separate compartments.
Waiting Area

Modify the Color Palette and Lighting

The right choice of color palette can go a long way. Most new customers prefer beauty salons with color palettes that are catching to the eye. It is part of human nature to choose a color to which they identify. The sense of familiarity plays a significant role in attracting more customers. Of course, it is essential to remember not to put all colors at once. Numerous colors give overwhelming distraction and a cheap look. It is recommendable to use only two to three primary colors. You can move around the palette of the primary colors but always stick to them. The color palette is not only for the color of the walls. You can apply the color palette to the lighting, furniture, and design items.To make the design better, you can also add flowers that go along with the scheme. In choosing a color palette, take note of these considerations:

  • Opt for colors reflecting your brand and its beliefs.
  • Select colors aligned with your salon’s theme.
  • Go for colors that differ from your competitors.
  • Pick colors that blend well with your present color.
  • Choose colors that your target clients prefer or relate better.

Color Palette and Lighting

What Would the Client Prefer?

Put yourself in your clients’ position. Ask yourself what things you want to see.What are the things you prefer in a salon? What do you expect when you enter a beauty salon? Keep these questions in mind when considering what elements to put.

  • An embracing front desk
  • A warm relaxing environment
  • A bright, calming area with natural lighting
  • Updated Stocks in the Shelves
  • Pampering basins for relaxation
  • Soft and comfortable chairs that promote rest
  • Entertaining magazines for hairdressing ideas and reading

salon designs
It is crucial to have a mini pantry for products. Having this section can increase your sales and overall revenue. Keep your shelves aligned with the salon’s theme. Ensure that you have enough space to present all your products in stock.

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