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Sliding Roof structures in India. Specifically designed as per the roof cut out and it allows you to enjoy the natural sunlight and also avoids heat trap. These are light weight but strong by nature and have the ability to uphold in all-weather situations. Sliding enclosures can be operated manually or automated. Sliding roofs are the best solution for the skylight. Generally, toughened glass is used in the skylights.
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The skylights made of thick toughened glass needs heavy steel structure, along with proper rubber/Silicone sealing.A Sliding roof is a roof arrangement in which the rooftop has the ability to roll back on tracks in order to make the interior of the facility open, to be just like outdoors. Also known as the operable skylight refers to a skylight that is opening on a pivot, rather than on a track.

Features of Sliding Roofs
To complete the space, it is possible to fit vertical sliding awnings and glass doors, together with integrated blinds. This enables the space to be used in all weathers and on a good day, the awnings can be retracted to allowing the weather into your space for an enhanced living experience. Other enhancements include blue tooth speakers, LED lights and external heaters. Once installed, you can entertain, use your patio 24/7, and keep warm even if there is snow and ice on the ground.
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Benefits of Sliding roofs
Sliding roofs effectively make your outdoor space useable every day of the year rather than just a few months of it. This space can add value to a home and gives you extra living space as you now have a room when you need one. When everything is retracted, you have an exquisite outside space.
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Materials feature an aluminium design. This allows your roof to blend in with your existing outside space design, so you won’t be left with an eyesore.
• They are the most pleasant looking rooftops with fabulous design options
• It also enables you to enjoy the freshness of a wide-open space without being literally out.
• You can bring the rooftop back in place to build an overhead shelter and enjoy weather protection.
• Such designer utility system can add value to your property.
• Provides protection from sunlight, wind or rain.
• Provides a cosy feeling and privacy when required.
• Complete automation which means you can shut or open with a button.

Glass roofing panels
Sliding roofing is a sliding roof system that allows the structure to open up from the top to create an open-air space. Like a sunroof, the glass on top gives a clear view of the sky above but can be retracted at your command to let nature’s elements in, at any time.A Sliding roof is an innovative solution to create more room in the outdoor space such as patio, deck, veranda for outdoor living, and activities such as dining, barbequing/grilling, entertaining, etc. It offers an extension of your indoor space for many outdoor activities with an adjustable cover for when the weather takes a turn.You can create an outdoor room, a flexible outdoor space that can be turned into an enclosed area with indoor comfort while retaining the feeling of being outdoors with the sun shining over your shoulders. Or if you have a pool, a Sliding roof enclosure can help you have the best of both worlds.
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Sliding Glass roofing has a host of benefits that make it a great addition to any outdoor space. Some of them are as mentioned below: Glass roofing panels can be created by installing glass panels to an existing roof. It creates an illusion of additional space and significantly improves your property’s energy efficiency. Glass roofing panels come with some features such as opening rooflights for roof access. It also uses internal floodlights for bringing natural light into cellars and basements. The electronically operated accessories associated work autonomously to give property owners peace of mind.

Benefits of Sliding Glass Roof

• Extension of outdoor space
• Seamless indoor-outdoor experience
• Abundant natural light and ventilation
• Rain and weather protection
• Aesthetically pleasing inside out
• Architecturally beautiful as well as functional
• Customizable to suit needs and space

Design of Sliding Roof Systems
Sliding roofs come in different designs based on the application. Each type must adopt a smart design so that the system can move hundreds of thousands of kilograms of steel, glass, cladding, ceiling materials, and the related mechanical and electrical services within a short period.
One of the important factors governing the design of any Sliding roof system is the frequency of opening and closing the roof structure. This is decided during the design of the building. The anticipated frequency of opening and closing of the roof structure determines the:
1. Design of Sliding roof system
2. Type of movement of Sliding roof system
3. Size of moving elements
4. Type of moving system

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When looking for a Sliding roof for your home, office, or for a client you got to do some research about Sliding roof rates. The cost ranges depending upon some factors: Some factors are Size, Fabrics, Frame Motors Sensors, Remote Controls, Timers, and many others.

When shopping for the right Sliding roof, do take into consideration the location for which the cover will be installed, the size of the area that needs to be covered, how you wish to use the cover once installed, and the style and design you are aiming for.

Typology of Sliding Roof Structures
The Sliding roof structures adopted for stadiums and sports halls can have different structural designs of movable and fixed elements. The materials for movable structures for the roof are selected based on the size, weight, frequency of opening and closing, duration and type of movement, and additional loads.
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Based on the structural design of movable and fixed elements, sliding roofs can be classified into three types:

1. Sliding Roof Structures Composed of Rigid Elements - In this type, the entire roof or small individual parts of the Sliding roof are composed of rigid elements that move in various ways
2. Sliding Roof Structures Composed of Membranes - This type of roof structure has the roof and small individual parts made out of membranes that can retract.
3. Sliding Roof Structures as Combination of Different Elements - In this type, the entire roof or small individual parts of the Sliding roof are composed of different Sliding structural elements (rigid and membrane elements).

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