Tips to Brighten your Cafe with unique Decor

A cafeteria with finger licking food, good coffee, and friendly hangout is anyone’s first choice. Those words are easy to read but trust us! It’s much harder to create such a place in reality. Even if you create magic with food, you still need to get your ambience right. Another key which adds up for your cafeteria is marketing. Good marketing can lead your business among top ones. But environment of your coffee shop matters the most. Imagine being in your favorite cafe, you will find soothing lights, slow music and a good to look at place. Well! If you’re planning to open up a cafe yourself, this is exactly what you want your costumers to feel. Honestly, interior designing isn’t a cheap or easy task; in fact it may be the most costly one. Therefore, here are few ideas which will help you to get a fascinating cafeteria without investing lump sum amount.

Our big, beautiful, glossy, steel magnetic art panels to help make coffee shops the talk of the town. Here at Beyond the Fridge we put the art into artisan coffee shops! We make large magnetic boards that have a dry wipe surface and look just like enamel signs.This makes them perfect for menu boards, notice boards to use with magnets or just as beautiful wall art panels.
Our boards not only look stunning they have a super hard wearing, scratch resistant surface. And what's more you can write on them too using a special whiteboard marker. Each board is predrilled in the corners and comes with fixings and a choice of black or white screw caps.Here's some ideas to show you just how versatile our magnetic wall art panels really are:

  • Get creative and upload your own design, photo or logo
  • Durable metal art signs for coffee shops on the move
  • Make your own DIY 'A' Board
  • Vintage advertising signs that look just like the real thing
  • Make a personalised dry wipe menu board
  • Use quotes to lift spirits and inspire
  • Use stunning photography of local landmarks and scenery


Wall Hangings

One of our straightforward cafe wall design ideas is to get a wall mural of fine art, just minus the bulky frames. Frames require nails and consequently, holes in the walls, which can be an issue if you rent a space or lease your cafe location. If you are worried about damaging the walls, skip the hammer and nails to hang your artwork up, and instead install printed panels of your favorite pieces. If you don't have any worries for more permanent pieces, large pieces of famous artwork is a traditional way to decorate a cafe.

Wall Hangings

Newspaper Wall Hangings
You must be having a stock of useless newspapers and magazine that you will be throwing away.They can be of great use. You would need few basic things and skills to go with. Those pieces of cuttings together would make a magnificent collage or deco patch, and moreover, these pieces will be ready in less than an hour. If you want something truly unique to decorate your restaurant with, consider hiring a professional artist to paint a one-of-a-kind wall mural for your space. If you don't want to use paint, try instead to order restaurant murals from a printing service like Limitless Walls. All you have to do is pick an art piece you love or design and then have us print it. Then you can install in four easy steps!
Newspaper Wall Hangings

Wool art

Interior design doesn’t immediately come to mind when thinking about the many uses for wool. Suiting and knitwear seem most obvious, of course, given the ways in which we wear those garments year-round. And yet far beyond rugs and upholstery, wool plays an increasingly large part in home design, with research, manufacturing developments and design innovation leading to its use in pieces as far ranging as curtains, bedding, lighting, artworks and decorative objects and visual art.
Remember seeing your grandma knitting a sweater for you, well that ball of wool has other uses too. ‘Balloon orbs’ is name of a creative idea using a simple balloon, glue and wool or thread. You don’t need to be a master at knitting for this, but you have to know how to blow up a balloon. It is easy peasy and looks really elegant. Modification in those can even give you a woolen lamp or a hanging, as you wish.
Wool art

Quote Frame

Turn your bistro or coffee shop into a part-time gallery by showcasing the work of local or lesser-known artists. It will both enhance the dining experience and support your community. You are familiar with those quotes which make you say ‘nice!’ and feel joyous. Those quotes can be a part of your walls too. Just get a coffee or food quote printed as you like and attach in a frame. You can even shape up a frame using wood cuttings or cardboard, as per your vision.
Quote Frame for cafe interior

Furniture for Cafe

It’s time to furnish your cafeteria now. Think beyond booths and stools. Switching up seating can be a principal part of low budget restaurant design. Scour antique shops or flea markets for art deco chairs, or select a purposely eclectic mix. You can even revitalize existing chairs with a fresh paint job.Think a lot before choosing furniture, because that’s the essence of your place. Fixtures looks best in wooden texture. But let’s face it, even that costs a lot. The furniture should replicate your idea about the place. If you prefer vintage look, start searching for old tables or rocking chairs in your backyard. Fancy furniture offers tremendous choices, you can purchase some or you can make some best elements out of waste. Metallic drums or used tyre can be your best resource.
cafe furniture

Lighting scheme

As a general view, center pieces for a table are quite avoided. For some minds it’s just extras, but your cafeteria glows because of those extras. So don’t hesitate to get some center pieces and in case if you aren’t comfortable purchasing them, the option of doing it yourself is always open. Get some menu holders too, and never to forget about salt and pepper sprinklers. Reuse glasses or plastic bottles by adding, shiny paint or glitter to them, and you have a gorgeous center pieces for all your tables.
Swapping out uninspired lighting fixtures with flickering sconces, elegant pendants, or funky chandeliers is a great way to define a space, evoke a specific mood or create ambiance. And as long as you have the correct electrical work set up, this type of project is DIY friendly to boot. Make sure that your lighting also makes for beautiful food photos, as this will encourage your guests to share their experiences on social media.You can even use pretty little lamps, so that your cafe shines and becomes a perfect place to click selfies. Balloon orb night lamp is one of the best ideas for attractive night lamps. Decorating bottles with led lights is also a preference of many DIY artists.
Lighting scheme for cafe interior

Celebrate your location

Allow your interior architecture to be influenced by the unique history of your city or town. Employ small restaurant interior design ideas like turning salvaged church pews into banquettes, using an old school desk as a hostess stand, making prints of antique maps, or rummaging flea markets for hometown trinkets and treasures.
Celebrate your location

Create a communal experience

Once we're safely post-COVID, it's fair to say that everyone will be anxious to reconnect. So, structure your cafe design to include large tables for gathering in groups. Oh, and be sure to stock shelves with fun, interactive elements like trivia cards and board games.
We hope that we have helped you a lot in saving your pocket. Invest your saved money on bigger aspects like crockery, chef or more importantly marketing. These are all ideas in which you can use your own hands and stock bought in bulk to add stars to your cafe. Make a note of reception and exterior as they are the foremost preview of your business. Put some small and tricky games or books at sidebar, will help your single friends to enjoy coffee. You are all ready to start your new cafeteria, make the finest coffee, and spread happiness!
Create a communal experience

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