Custom-made sofas from Blucap

Custom-made Sofas from Blucap

There are multiple types of sofas in the market. If you are someone setting up your first apartment or villa or if you are just doing a renovation, you will always need a sofa that fits your personality and lifestyle. As a company that always strives to bring the best to its customers, at Blucap, we offer customised Sofa solutions. We give customer the power to choose the material he/she wants along with the design with expert advice from our designers. We then bring it to life in our factory. You need not worry any more about the build quality or the material that goes into your sofa. You also need not run from store to store to find out a design that gives you satisfaction and fits into your home interiors well. We have it all covered for you. Select your design, select your materials and leave the rest to us! 

Sofa Styles
Our Sofa product offerings give a range of options for you to choose from. Please select the sofa styles you want from the below list and contact us for further customisation. Our designers will be glad to assist you. 

Tight Back Sofas (Prices starting at Rs. 9,500/ seat)
Tight back sofas have tightly upholstered backrest. These can be smooth or tufted. Its great to maintain the shape of the furniture and also gives a clean look. It also helps you avoid the pain of managing cushions from sagging. You can create a more luxury feel by using premium leather for upholstery along with a few pillows in the backrest to add to the feel.  tight back sofa

Pillow Back Sofas (Prices starting at Rs. 12,500/ seat)

Pillow back sofas are also known as scatter back sofas. They come with large loose pillows arranged across the backrest. This type of sofas will not have fitted or upholstered backrests. These large pillows give a bigger comfort to those who sit on these sofas and create a more plush aesthetic feel to it. Its best for relaxing.  pillow back sofa

Tuxedo Sofas (Prices starting at Rs. 10,500/ seat)

Tuxedo sofas have a boxy frame with arms that are the same height as the backrest. It gives a very sophisticated and clean look and feel. These generally have four wood or metal legs. They also feature tufted backs and arms for added detail.  tuxedo sofa

Curved Back Sofas (Pricing based on size)

Curved back sofas are for those who love surprises, creative freedom and class! This furniture is eye catching and feels at home in both retro and modern designs. This sofa is a stand alone. It can’t be fit flush against a wall due to its shape. It creates a warm intimate feel for those who sit on it. A very comfortable and aesthetic option indeed.  curved back sofa

Track Arm Sofas (Prices starting at Rs. 9,000/ seat)

Track arm sofas have rectangular armrests. The design feels straight with clean lines which in turn create a very contemporary feel. Since these have a very angular silhouette, its easy to place them against the wall or even in a corner. Use some throw pillows and you can make them even more comfortable and relaxing.  track arm sofa

Rolled Arm Sofas (Prices starting at Rs. 9,000/ seat)

If you are looking for a traditional looking sofa, Rolled arm sofas fit the best for you. Known as the English sofa, its known for low arms and hight back. Upholstery is tight and yet comfortable.  rolled arm sofa

Slope Arm Sofas (Prices starting at Rs. 9,000/ seat)

Slope arm sofas are a beauty. They add a contemporary detail to your home’s design. Armrests are at the same height as the backrest at the back. However, as the armrests come forward, it slops down creating a beautiful curved silhouette.  slope arm sofa

Pillow Arm Sofas (Prices starting at Rs. 9,500/ seat)

Pillow arm sofas are just what they indicate in the name. They use oversized cushions over the armrests. This makes it very attractive to those who spend a lot of their ‘me time’ on the sofas for purposes like reading. Its a beautiful furniture that works as a very relaxing couch.  pillow arm sofa

Armless Sofas (Prices starting at Rs. 8,500/ seat)

Armless sofas are standalone furniture. They can also be coupled comfortably with corner chairs, loveseats and chaise lounges. They are an essential part of minimalist designs in modern homes.  armless sofa




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