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BLUCAP Interiors is one of the leading commercial Interior Design companies, providing corporate, restaurant and retail space interior design among others. Our Interior design solution and contracting services strive to deliver a perfect blend of detailing, aesthetics and finishes for our clients. We provide an end-to-end service starting with Concept, space planning, 3 Dimensional visuals, Color scheme, material selection, quantity surveying, office refurbishment, furniture supply and installation to the final handover. Our skilled contractors believe in a quality end product and on time Project delivery. 
Blucap Interiors work with a wide array of Interior decorators and designers to create and deliver exceptional commercial Interiors to our customers across various verticals. From small coffee shops to high end office spaces, our designers and decorators are equipped to deliver top quality designs with perfection. Our designers help our customers to build their brands through their commercial establishments. Functionality coupled with style and elegance is priority at Blucap Interiors. Our design expertise offer exceptional solutions for Office Interior Design, Retail Interior Design and Restaurant Interior Design among others. 
Customised Interior Design is about understanding the client, their needs, likes, dislikes, wants and aspirations. It is about bringing the persona and character of the client and creating a space where natural positive energy flows. It is about creating spaces where one can rest, study, entertain and grow. Blucap Interiors works with all those who believe in creating such positive spaces of passion, love and growth! This is the reason we customise everything for you. We are not just talking about the wood work in your home. We also customise your sofa, dining table, beds, mattresses, curtains to name a few. Once you sign up Blucap for your interiors, you need not hunt for anything that you need in your home interiors. We will even customise the lights for you. That is the level of customisation we provide. We are passionate about spaces. We are passionate about design. And we are passionate about people. Because we believe our living and working spaces must be an extension of ourselves. It must be an extension of our persona and the environment around us.
Every home is a reflection of its home owner. It is a style statement. We ensure your house design is in keeping with your distinct tastes. Everything, from creating furniture to choosing furnishings and lighting, is meant to reflect your sense of design and you in person. And at the end of it all, it must be a loving and liveable space.







Below are some of the important Commercial Interior Design segments we cater to:

We are experts in Retail Space Design. Whether you want us to design and execute or just execute, our teams are well equipped with the skills and knowledge. We make sure your brand is well represented through our designs and execution.
Office space design is the most common requirement for any business. It is the space where they build their brand. Just like home is where individuals grow, office is where businesses grow. We take extra care to design and execute exceptionally beautiful and functional spaces for companies that are looking for great office environments.
Food is at the heart of every civilisation. Exceptionally designed restaurants always have an edge over those that are not. Our specialised team of designers will design your restaurants to beautiful and inviting dining spaces.


specifically designed to give the customer something to associate with the brand.

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We are a group of architects and interior designers with decades of experience in Interior design industry. We are passionate about design and committed to sustainability!
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