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Interior Design today is a very misunderstood word. A lot of people believe it is something anybody can do. And they depend on carpenters to do their interiors. However, real interior design is far from simple. It requires in-depth knowledge of the client and their requirements to begin with. Deep knowledge of colors, materials and mechanisms are next. It is an art and at the same time a science that involves a lot of engineering. It requires both passion and knowledge. That is why Blucap Interiors is specialized in customised and individualised Interior Design. 
Customised Interior Design is about understanding the client, their needs, likes, dislikes, wants and aspirations. It is about bringing the persona and character of the client and creating a space where natural positive energy flows. It is about creating spaces where one can rest, study, entertain and grow. Blucap Interiors works with all those who believe in creating such positive spaces of passion, love and growth! This is the reason we customise everything for you. We are not just talking about the wood work in your home. We also customise your sofa, dining table, beds, mattresses, curtains to name a few. Once you sign up Blucap for your interiors, you need not hunt for anything that you need in your home interiors. We will even customise the lights for you. That is the level of customisation we provide. We are passionate about spaces. We are passionate about design. And we are passionate about people. Because we believe our living and working spaces must be an extension of ourselves. It must be an extension of our persona and the environment around us.
Every home is a reflection of its home owner. It is a style statement. We ensure your house design is in keeping with your distinct tastes. Everything, from creating furniture to choosing furnishings and lighting, is meant to reflect your sense of design and you in person. And at the end of it all, it must be a loving and liveable space.







Different Kinds of Customization:

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Your designer will help you choose the right finish – dark or light, smooth or textured – to accent your décor and refine your style. Bring organization to your closet with custom features that create a designated place for every item. From drawers to specialty racks, closet poles to hampers, our array of accessories work together to meet the most unique storage needs.
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Tv Units

Most TV units can be adapted to fit into the room, if the size and style are not in sync with the layout of the living room, it will not look great aesthetically. You should also take into consideration the area that the TV unit will occupy and its position before planning the rest of the living room furniture to ensure that the room doesn’t look cramped.We can design a freestanding masterpiece, a built in TV unit, a wall hung unit, or floating wall unit, whatever suits your lifestyle and budget.
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A customized kitchen is one which has been made to order and unique to your specifications. This means you can let your imagination run wild, and create a truly individual new space in your home.The layout of your kitchen is crucial in terms of its look and functionality. Pursuing the wrong design could leave your kitchen feel cramped and cluttered, or your main appliances may be too far away from each other. Our designers can guide you about how to come up with a layout that matches your family requirement and efficient use of space.
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Lighting is an often underestimated part of our homes and businesses. Besides having a huge impact on aesthetics and functionality, it can also have profound effects on your mood, emotions, and wellbeing. Blucap Interiors is perhaps one of the only companies that give the power of custom made lights to our clients. Lighting plays a major design role in the overall success of any room décor. Lighting should be layered the same way colors and textures are layered in a room. There are many options when it comes to home décor lighting. Adding a layer or two of additional lighting sources gives your room design greater light depth.

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People are embracing minimalism, opting for simpler lifestyles and smaller homes. But with small spaces comes the need for creative storage solutions, which can be a challenge for any home owner. Our designers can help you customize storage for your home.

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Beds & Mattresses

In urban environments and especially in apartments, space is a constraint. It is not easy to find out the right type of bed that goes well with the overall interiors and still is functional. Hence we came up with the idea of custom-made beds for our clients. It gives you the complete freedom to decide what material to use and what design to go for. The outcome is just perfect. Similarly, we also custom-make mattesses for you so that you have the perfect sleep! 

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We custom make your sofas. Sofas are one of the most important furnitures in your living room. It must be comfortable. It must be elegant and functional. It is a mammoth task to find out sofas that gel into your interior design. We had a lot of clients complaining about their inability to find the right kind of sofa. That is when we decided to help them custom-make their own sofa. We give the power to the client to make what they want. They choose the design, material, color and finish. It gives complete freedom in making something that suits you and your personal style.
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Dining Tables

Dining tables again are a very important furniture in every house. With the pandemic around, it has now become the office desk and the study table as well. It is therefore extremely important to have the right type of dining table that suits your life style. Blucap is happy to customise it for you!


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