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The process of designing residences is always intriguing for us to work on. It is of the utmost significance to successfully combine practicality and ease of use in this context. In apartment interior design, one of the most important requirements is to make the most efficient use of the available space. We make it a point to pay attention to the requirements of our customers in this market area, regardless of how complex or straightforward those requirements may be. We go to great lengths to ensure that the designs we produce are stunning. We provide a wide selection of designs for you to pick from, including rustic, modern, contemporary, and traditional options. Our architects and designers pay close attention to the smallest of details to maximize the available living space.







Our designs are extremely sophisticated and ooze confidence and originality in equal measure. Our designers have made it a point to constantly emphasize comfort. The magnificent home that you and your family deserve can be crafted by our designers in Bangalore, who will attend to all of your specific needs as they work on the project.

The fact that Blucap Interiors can fulfill all of your design requirements is the most crucial aspect of their service. We are responsible for the full design as well as its implementation, which includes the electrical work, plumbing work, civil works, and any woodwork that may be required. When our team moves in, you won't ever have to worry about locating vendors for any part of your interior design since we'll take care of it all for you. We will also source and install the fixtures for your bathroom and electrical systems. False ceiling, flooring, tiling… you name it. Our crew will come through for you. You should feel completely at ease now! When you give over your work to Blucap Interiors, you can finally relax and let them handle everything for you. Because of this, Blucap Interiors is considered to be the most reputable and best apartment interior design company in Bangalore. Dependable and deserving of trust!

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Being one of the best office designers in Bangalore, we know what our customers want and we master the art of catering to their specific needs. Making custom designs is one of our fortes & we always push our limits. From getting things done exactly your way to getting proper furniture and material to complement your style, We at blucap work hard to deliver the best results only. This his have been reflected in our excellent customer reviews and feedback. We look forward to assisting you & help you to achieve your dream home design that is customized & modernized just for you.


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We are a group of architects and interior designers with decades of experience in Interior design industry. We are passionate about design and committed to sustainability!
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