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Villa interior design is a different matter than designing apartments. Large spaces need creative attention and passion for uniqueness. Customer requirements in this segment vary as most customers come with worldwide travel experiences and expectations. Combining aesthetics and functionality become crucial. Creating unique spaces which still are woven together to create a flowing design that appeals both to the mind and heart, is indeed a challenge that we love to address at Blucap Interiors.

We always keep our designs customer centric. Each villa that we design stand as testimonials to the specific tastes and needs of our customers. It is a style statement. Our team of experts help our customers to create customised interiors that reflect them as individuals and achievers. Dream homes are always a hard work. But we at Blucap Interiors are always here to go that extra length to make it come true for you. That is why Blucap Interiors is known as the best villa interior designers in Bangalore. 






There are severalthings we keep in mind to make sure we deliver the dream villa that our client has asked for:

Uniformity of Design

A villa can be overwhelming, and because of the large canvas tempting to play with contrasts, contradictions and vibrant hues. Although this works, there must be a definite plan how to go about it. Alternatively what works best is a uniformity of design. Stick to a neutral or familiar palette, such as pastels, greys, beiges. Contrast these with a deeper/darker color hue. Continue this design into everything, from sofa sets and furniture to wallpaper and accessories. If the color seems too monotonous, add a pop of contrast with colourful cushions or a signature chandelier. Work around this home design and see how versatile it then is to change the look constantly.

Subdued Grandeur

Villas are the finest place to experience extravagance and luxury. There is simply so much space that it does not feel crowded. The key to getting grandeur right is to avoid going overboard and to have pieces that work nicely together. False ceilings with well-lit lighting, panelled foyers with dull gold finishes, wooden flooring and walls, and elegant chandeliers are design components that sit well, not being too heavy or too light. What matters in their application is, once again, design consistency.

Outside Sit Outs

Nothing beats the benefits of a balcony in terms of creating a calm and quiet spot to appreciate and reflect. In contrast to apartments, which have smaller balconies, villas can be configured to have huge outside spaces, balconies with ornate furnishings, a bar, and other aesthetic features. These can also be used for amusement or to celebrate with friends and family. Sit-outs or balconies don't require creative planning; they only require the correct frame of mind to create a spot where you can escape.

How can Blucap help you achieve this

Being one of the best office designers in Bangalore, we know what our customers want and we master the art of catering to their specific needs. Making custom designs is one of our fortes & we always push our limits. From getting things done exactly your way to getting proper furniture and material to complement your style, We at blucap work hard to deliver the best results only. This his have been reflected in our excellent customer reviews and feedback. We look forward to assisting you & help you to achieve your dream home design that is customized & modernized just for you.


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