Biju Varghese
Founder & CEO - BLUCAP LLP

Blucap Interiors was born out of passion for creativity and living spaces. Life is a constant evolution and our environment must be formed in such a way that we keep learning every day and every moment. We at Blucap interiors believe in unique and creative design solutions for our clients to this end. What sets us apart is that we strive to go beyond the design and ensure that our design solutions enhance the lives of our clients, not just the looks of their environment.
Our perspective of the design process is distinctive. We see the potential in each new project. We view people as partners in continual success. As designers, we believe we are all looking for the same “something extra;” the right solution; a better way. Our goal is to create a space comfortable enough to live your life in, not around. It takes shared passion, unique vision, and a partnership with our clients to deliver a tailored design solution. We encourage client participation in every phase of the design process, from selection to implementation. It is important to understand that each project is an expression of the owner’s unique personality, values, and preferences. Collaborating with our clients is essential to creating a personalized interior that is comfortable for our client’s lifestyle, home design, and/or business environment. And most importantly we bring spaces to life! Working together we achieve the extraordinary. 

Linda Biju
Co - Founder - BLUCAP LLP

Professional turned entrepreneur who believes that a positive work environment is essential to boost creativity and that professional expertise and team work go hand in hand with honest and transparent communication to ensure quality of service.

In the beginning years, Blucap's marketing strategy consisted only of word-of-mouth, and the team made sure that it spent time creating excellent designs that established it as an industry leader. Blucap has also gained attention in the market relatively quickly due to the quality of its finished product and professionalism in its services. In order to keep our customers satisfied for years to come, we use only premium quality materials in our projects. Another important aspect which has helped us achieve success has been on-time delivery. It is our goal to work with clients realistically, guiding them through the pros and cons of different design approaches.

We have built a reputation as one of the top interior design companies in Bangalore with decades of experience in interior design and development. In the future, we want to establish a strong market presence as a reliable and capable company that keeps its promises. Our immediate goal is to gain a bigger share of the Bangalore market, while we explore opportunities for expansion into other cities in south India.

Blucap Design Philosophy - Biophilia

A deep rooted commitment to sustainability and overall well-being is at the heart of the Blucap design philosophy. Human beings are intrinsically part of nature. We always go back to nature for peace, joy and healing. ‘Biophilia’ is the idea that as human beings, one must feel linked to his/her natural environment and the other living things in it, not only to survive but to thrive. It is the fundamental part of who we are. This forms the core of Blucap’s Design philosophy. We integrate nature and its elements into our designs so that we create interiors where people feel connected and are thriving! Biophilic design can reduce stress, enhance creativity and clarity of thought, improve our well-being and expedite healing; as the world population continues to urbanize, these qualities are ever more important. We believe that Deviation from Nature is Deviation from Happiness! 
Biophilia forms the core of Blucap Interiors’ design philosophy. In every interior design that we do, we make sure to bring in the elements of Biophilia in different measures based on customer need. We believe that as a respected interior design company, we have the responsibility to create the best spaces for our clients - be it their homes, offices or commercial spaces. It is our way of taking care of the well-being of our clients. We go the extra mile to bring well-being into every space that we design. Biophilia is not just our design philosophy. It is our way of life and our commitment to the well-being of nature and humanity!








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